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Do you also do steel fixing?

As part of our services, Hyspec also provide steel fixing, saving you time and stress calling multiple businesses! 

What is Shotcreting?

Shotcrete is the process of projecting wet concrete mix onto a surface through a high-pressure hose. This method is often used to reach tight or otherwise impossible spaces that traditional concreting methods cannot reach.

What is soil stabilization?

Concrete soil stabilisation is the method in which concrete is added to a surface in order to reduce the risks of rock slides and soil erosion. One of the methods of soil stabilization is to constructing a retaining wall. We can help you with this whether your wall needs to be engineered or non engineered.

What is steel fixing?

Steel fixing is the process of using steel bars to reinforce concrete on your construction project. Hyspec Shotcrete use steel fixing to shape and level the concrete when required.

What areas do you service?

Hyspec Shotcrete is based in Brisbane but we are prepared to travel from Gympie to Byron Bay! North to South and anywhere in between. Our work is predominantly South-East Queensland and Northern NSW.